Saturday, September 3, 2016

UK National Health Service resorts to rationing


Obese people will be routinely refused operations across the NHS, health service bosses have warned, after one authority said it would limit procedures on an unprecedented scale.

Hospital leaders in North Yorkshire said that patients with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above – as well as smokers – will be barred from most surgery for up to a year amid increasingly desperate measures to plug a funding black hole. The restrictions will apply to standard hip and knee operations.

The decision, described by the Royal College of Surgeons as the “most severe the modern NHS has ever seen”, led to warnings that other trusts will soon be forced to follow suit and rationing will become the norm if the current funding crisis continues.


“At this rate we may see brutal service reductions becoming the norm, rather than just being exceptions.”

That which cannot be paid will not be paid. This is genius by the statists. They go after two maligned groups, smokers and the obese, but next it will be older people and eventually all people. The logic is simple. Old people in the last years of life consume the most healthcare dollars. They are old and not productive so why spend large amounts of money on them. 

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