Thursday, September 8, 2016

Norway and Switzerland begin buying mining shares with printed money



Both banks are being reported to have printed close to $1 billion dollars of fiat money as of recently. This should come as no shock to anyone, as this is all Central Banks know how to do - print money.

 What is more stunning, however, is where they immediately moved these funds. You guessed it right - into precious metals.

 They know that the physical precious metals market is limited, tight, and scarce. They also know that if they simply printed $1 billion worth of fiat money out of thin air and moved it into physical, then they would risk blowing the market apart, sending prices potentially catapulting higher.

 Since they are not yet willing to face the wrath of the other Central Bankers around the world, they did the next best thing. They bought shares in the gold mines themselves.

The article has a couple of charts that show which gold mining stocks these central banks bought. Just think of it people. The central bank creates fiat money out of thin air and buys shares in real live mining companies. These mining companies produce real money i.e. gold and silver. The central banks have a license to literally steal. Not one person in 100,000 even has a clue.

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