Friday, August 26, 2016

Soon you will not even be able to make a buck as an Uber driver

Tesla and Google have long been regarded as the leaders in driverless tech despite interest from both tech titans like Amazon and Apple as well as traditional automakers like GM and Ford. Uber is an under-the-radar player in that market though, and the dark horse company looks set to be the first one to put driverless commercial vehicles on the road – the company will have driverless Ubers available in Pittsburgh as a test market within a month.

I have been talking about how technology is advancing at a more rapid pace. I have also been talking about how robotics will lead to millions of people losing their jobs over the next few years. It is coming whether you like it or not. 

Most people have normalcy bias. They think that today will be like yesterday and tomorrow will be like today. That is normally true and is why people think like this. However, not understanding what is happening technologically, economically, culturally, politically, and socially is what is going to bite people in the butt. 

The CEO of Uber is not trying to hurt people he is a business person and a geek. He thinks it is cool to have driverless cars. It also is good for his business as there are way less humans in his business model. 

That lowers costs, makes service delivery more uniform, cuts down on liability (no more rapes by drivers), and ultimately raises prices. The thing is everyone is doing the same thing. And the culmination of all of these efforts will be a constant state of disruption in the economy that people will need to adapt too. 

The problem is most people are not very good on their feet. many people are not endowed with much creative talent or are just lazy. They will not be able to constantly shift professions or turn creative abilities into income producing endeavors.

This is why I suspect we will see even more of a move towards statism, progressiveism, and more calls for policies such as a minimum guaranteed income. It is going to be interesting and chaotic but that is an environment that opens itself up to opportunity for people that see things the way they are and not the way they want them to be. 

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