Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vietnam continues to boom

Foreign Direct Investment is way up:

Foreign investors have ploughed into Vietnam an estimated $7.25 billion in actual investment in the first half of this year, up 15.1 percent from a year ago, the Planning and Investment Ministry said on Thursday.

New foreign direct investment (FDI) pledges in the January-June period surged 105.4 percent from a year ago to $11.3 billion, with most of the funds going to manufacturing, processing and real estate projects, the ministry said.

HCM City’s economy grew at 7.47 per cent in the first half compared with 7.2 per cent in the same period last year, a meeting to review the socio-economy heard.
The value of its gross regional domestic product rose to around US$21.4 billion.

This is not your fathers Vietnam

Vietnam is really growing. My recent research has led me to elevate it to my most favorite frontier market. The population of almost 92 million is relatively young, vibrant, and wants to get wealthy. The economy is growing rapidly and it appears that investors are beginning to get the message that Vietnam warrants a portion of their capital.

One of the facts that really intrigues me is that the stock market has not really kept up with the growth in the economy. The market cap of the stock market is around 25% of GDP which is relatively low.

I continue to like Vietnam and I am continuing to put money into the market there.

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