Sunday, May 15, 2016

Puerto Rico the Greece of the US

How does a population of 3.6 million people amass a debt of $71 billion and unfunded pension liabilities of $44 billion. Who the hell was in charge over there the last 30 years. A government centric economy and high levels of government interference in the economy along with stupid minimum wage laws and dumb rules like the Jones Act which raises costs on the island. The place should be a tourist mecca but the costs are so high relative to the other islands in the Caribbean that people go elsewhere because it is cheaper. Now with Cuba beginning to open up who the hell is going to go to Puerto Rico.

If you want to see what awaits the US as a whole you have a lab experiment in Puerto Rico. Lower standards of living, less services, more misery, and people leaving. Thanks government, another success story. However the people just want more of the same. A perfect example is how Neil Cavuto carves up this nitwit who wants free college and forgiveness of college debt for worthless degrees.

Here is my response; if this is the level of knowledge gained in college then I am not interested in doing anything except having this moron weed my garden or make me a veggie sub at Subway. She has no idea or clue about history, economics, human behavior. Complete fail.

Here is another dummy. Why do I want to pay for this person's education? We are different people with different values. I paid for my own education by working and sacrificing. She can do the same or not I don't care.


Anonymous said...

well trained idiots!


boubin2 said...

The bad thing is I am seeing these people show up in the workforce and I have to deal with them. The sense of entitlement and the lack of taking responsibility for ones actions is stunning.

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