Sunday, January 10, 2016

IMF has ensured the demise of the US Dollar



I have shown before that fiat reserve currencies only last a few generations, an average of 94 years throughout history, as all nations debase their currencies away from a gold standard to worthless paper at the people's expense.  The U.S. has been off a gold standard since 1971 and as change is accelerated in today's world the dollar will die before the average age as we are currently at 45 years.  ALL studies of fiat currencies show the average age is 27 years as I will explain further

I agree that in the end the US will debase the the current dollar into oblivion. However as always timing is important. Remember that just because something is certain does not necessarily mean it is imminent. Holding a portion of your wealth in gold bullion is insurance against paper currency debasement.

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