Sunday, December 6, 2015

China plans 110 nuclear plants by 2030



Power Construction Corp of China, a state-owned enterprise, Thursday said that the draft of China’s 13th five-year-plan, a government blueprint, says the country will have 110 working nuclear reactors by 2030. The plan calls for about $78 billion to be set aside to build plants using “homegrown nuclear technologies,” and would see the addition of six to eight reactors a year for five years.

The figures have circulated before and are roughly in line with the number of proposed plants — 150 — that the World Nuclear Association estimates are under consideration as part of the country’s move away from coal. China currently has 30 plants that account for 2.4 percent of its electricity consumption; upping the number of reactors to 110 would help the country meet its goal of 10 percent nuclear power by 2030.

China has to shift from coal to clean sources of baseload power. That is nuclear and that is why uranium is a great long term play.

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