Tuesday, November 10, 2015

There will be blood!

Whose blood I am not sure yet. I think there are several possible outcomes:

  1. Islam will conquer western europe with their wombs and through further immigration and replacement of native populations. The place will descend into barbarity just like everywhere else islam is in power.
  2. The feckless leaders of Western Europe wake up and begin deporting these people. Not likely.
  3. Ultra Nationalist leaders will replace the current crop of quislings like Merkel and you will see industrial scale killing that will make 1940's Germany look like a Sunday picnic. 
  4. Magic dirt theory will transform the newcomers into social justice egalitarian secularists that love gay rights, supporting old germans on pension, and democracy . Uh, no fucking chance.
My bet is the ultimate outcome will be number 1. The west is godless and believes in nothing except self. Men will not sacrifice themselves in war for social justice, egalitarianism, gay rights, or equality whatever that means. Better get a koran and get your wife and daughter a hijab. 

From an economic standpoint the euro has to be toast long term. Millions of skill less, hostile foreigners with a chip on their shoulder demanding that the native population support them. Those countries are bankrupt already without this influx. More will come until someone steps up and uses force to stop it. This will not end well socially, politically, or economically. I do not expect the censors at YouTube to allow this video to be online for long. 

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