Monday, October 19, 2015

China to build 110 nuke plants by 2030


China plans to build 110 nuclear power plants by 2030 with an investment of over $78 billion overtaking the US which has 100 such plants amid criticism that Beijing is yet to implement enough measures to develop safety controls in existing projects.
China will build six to eight nuclear power plants annually for the next five years and operate 110 plants by 2030 to meet the urgent need for clean energy, Beijing-based China Times quoted plan analysts as saying.
China will invest 500 billion yuan ($78.8 billion) on domestically developed nuclear power plants, the report said.
According to the China Times, the country plans to increase its electricity generation capacity to 58 gigawatts by 2020, three times the 2014 level.
The question is where will all the uranium come from to power all these reactors. Not much new mine development going on with uranium at $38 per pound. 

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