Sunday, September 20, 2015

California Almond Crop Down



Statewide, yields have been slightly lighter, said Robert Curtis, the Almond Board of California’s director of agricultural affairs. Yields are on pace to meet the National Agricultural Statistics Service projection of 1.8 billion meat pounds, down 3 percent from its May forecast and 4 percent from last year’s crop. In all, 2 billion meat pounds were harvested in 2013.

“With the good weather, the harvest is progressing well with no real issues,” Curtis said in an email.
While the Borrors’ wells have been holding up, the continued stress on trees because of the ongoing drought is blamed for the overall decline in tonnage. Mike Mason, a grower and processor who chairs the almond board, said earlier this summer that farmers are “doing everything within their power to conserve water.”

Although not a big disaster the crop is down and prices are up. This should continue to  bolster Select Harvests Australian almond growing business.

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