Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Some Mongolia pictures from my trip

 Chinggis Khan

 Mongolian Stock Exchange

 Closeup of Chinggis

 Winter herder ger in the Gobi

 Construction is booming in downtown UB

 More downtown UB

 Soviet style in Dalanzadgad Gobi region

New Bank Building in Dalanzadgad
Drinking tea in the Gobi


Craig Cavanaugh said...

You went there on purpose?! : )

John Polomny said...

Yeah, I have major investments there. By the way I am going to Guatemala on Monday for a month.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Cool. What's in Guatemala?

gherlashdawn said...

I was in Mongolia in July 2009 and loved most of it. The Lake is beautiful but it rained and was cold most of our time there. Britain visa must comply UK immigration rules for anyone entering Britain. The mud was a problem for the Russian vehicles that we were driven around in but, if weather isn't an issue for you, it's fun to be in a ger in the rain.

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