Sunday, March 27, 2011

Welecome to the new banana republic: The USA

NY Times:

A few weeks ago, when the Justice Department decided not to prosecute Angelo Mozilo, the former chief executive of Countrywide, I wrote a column lamenting the fact that none of the big fish were likely to go to prison for their roles in the financial crisis.

Soon after that column ran, I received an e-mail from a man named Richard Engle, who informed me that I was wrong. There was, in fact, someone behind bars for what he’d supposedly done during the subprime bubble. It was his 48-year-old son, Charlie.
This is a very disconcerting article. Sure the guy broke the law, as did millions of others that lied to get mortgages. Maybe he should go to jail and maybe he should not (if I was on the jury I would have voted not guilty no matter the evidence as is my right under jury nullification). However prosecuting this one guy while the CEO's and managers of these crooked banks go free (along with their loot that they stole from taxpayers) is just another example of the fact that those with money and connections walk and those with neither go to jail. What is even more worrisome in my view is the tactics of this little fascist Gestapo thug IRS special agent Robert W. Norlander who evidently rummages through peoples garbage looking for evidence against them in bullshit tax cases. The article goes on to describe sspecial agent Norlander's manifested psychological abberations and envy of others success such as when he sees someone driving an expensive car. This little bedbug will then waste time tracking down whether they can actually afford to drive it or not. Presumably so that if he arbitrarily decides that they cannot indeed afford said car he can then pursue them for tax evasion. I hope this little creep does not breed. Anyway if you still think you live in a free country that has respect for the rule of law and treats everyone the same under that law you are either a fool or naive. People like special agent Norlander should be driven off and exiled from politie society.

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