Monday, March 7, 2011

"Gibs me dat"!

This country is lost. It is lost because we have a significant amount of the population that thinks they are entitled to houses, medical care, food, Ipads and Ipods at someone elses expense. We have sham flim-flam men like this carnival barker who tell the masses theft is ok as long as it is via the ballot box. I have nothing in common with this man nor the people he represents, he is quite frankly my enemy. I will not be civil to him nor do I see any reason to negotiate or compromise with him. He is a statist, a collectivist, a mooch, a parasite. He believes like the South Seas Cargo Cults that all the material things mentioned above just magically fall from the sky. He fails to realize that somebody has to work and produce and defer consumption in order to invest and create more production. But how can you reason with a man who thinks that the true meaning of the US Constitution is a free Ipod. How when the country is so fundamentally and philosophically divided are we going to get a handle on our problems? How are we going to compete with the Chinese and Indians? Why Rep. Jackson should producers stay in this country and be abused by morons like you?


Anonymous said...

Ah, so you don't understand economics at all. You still believe in Say's Law.

Good to know that you're a complete fool. No point in reading more of your stuff then.

boubin2 said...

What does "Gibs me Dat" have to do with Says Law putz. Schmuck, "Gibs Me Dat" is able bodied people gaming the system and freeloading off of everyone else.

Yeah I'm the fool that has hundreds of people reading his blog and you are an anonymous drive by ankle biter. Goodbye and good luck as you will need it.

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