This website is an investment journal of an individual, non-professional investor. It should be read as such.

None of the information presented on this website should be viewed as investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any stock or any other security. That includes articles that are published as premium content. Even though the author of the content might own the stock of a company profiled in an article, that explicitly does not mean the author encourages others to buy that stock or security.

When a company is profiled, the author of Actionable Intelligence Alert (AIA) voluntarily discloses existing positions in that stock or security at the date of that publication. However, changes in these positions will not be reported consistently and might not be reported at all. Individual security prices can fluctuate dramatically and the author of AIA reserves the right to sell a stock at any time following a publication. That said, it usually takes time for a stock to reach it’s intrinsic value (as estimated by the author) and the author of “AIA” does not expect the prices of the stocks profiled on this site to be impacted immediately and significantly after a publication on this website. As such, the author of “AIA” does not expect to sell the stocks profiled on this site within a short time after the publication of a write-up on a company.

Visitors and subscribers should not rely on the accuracy of any information presented on this website, including the premium content. Visitors and subscribers should always do their own independent investment research and never base their judgment and decisions on any work done by others.

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