Monday, October 2, 2017

China electric vehicle sales

Month to month and year over year growth of electric vehicle demand continues to increase in China.

Couple this with the recent news that various European countries and the US are moving to electric vehicles and now one can see why I am bullish of Lithium, cobalt, and rare earth metals.

If the Chinese really get the bit in their mouth in relation to EV's than we are looking at a big bull market in some of these metals.


joetentpeg said...

Those are actually 'coal-powered' cars.

Unless every person who buys one charges the batts with a huge solar panel array.

The Tourist said...

@joetentpeg, you don't think China is and continues to shift electricity generation away from coal? you're comment is a bit near-sighted and also beside the point. China is a player in EV: that is the point.

boubin2 said...


The point is that if the PRC decides that EV's are going to be the thing than these metals will soar. Understood that coal is powering alot of these vehilces.

You must be aware of the nuclear power plant boom going on in China? China also has the most MW's of installed wind in the world and growing.

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