Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Truth in Accounting investigates Social Security Administration claims

The fact that the Social Security Administration would use that fraud Suzie Orman as a spokesman speaks volumes. Remember her fake debit card (larded up with all kinds of fees) that was supposed to help people get a credit record? Total fraud just like the Social Security Administration. She has a whole trail of financial scams that ripped off the poor and uneducated.

I have written an essay about the fraud that is Social Security. I expect that before it is all said and done that entitlements like Social Security and Medicare will lead to the destruction of the US dollar's remaining value and the possible dissolution of the US as a political entity.

I was just having a discussion about these programs the other day with a self proclaimed "Democratic Socialist". What I found fascinating is that all of the information about the fact that Social Security is a welfare transfer scheme, that it is underfunded, and that there is no obligation to pay benefits are all on the Social Security website.

Yet people will not go and look up the information for themselves. Their thinking is clouded by ideology and how they want the world to be instead of acknowledging reality and dealing with it. I wrote an essay about that also.

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