Thursday, June 29, 2017

Nuclear construction at 25 year high


The nuclear industry brought more than 9 GWe of new plant on line last year, the largest annual increase in 25 years, according to a new World Nuclear Association report, putting it on track to achieve the Harmony goal of providing 25% of electricity in 2050 using 1000 GWe of new capacity. 


Growth in nuclear power is being led by China, where five of the ten new reactors are located. "This trend is likely to continue in the coming years with around a third of reactors currently under construction being located in China," said Agneta Rising, the Association's director-general.

Chinese industry constructed its new reactors in 5 years and 9 months on average. Series build is a major factor in this. A case study showed that 912 issues were identified during the construction of Yangjiang 1-3. Successfully addressing these helped unit 4 to be built more than ten months more quickly than unit 1.

I think most people would not know that nuclear construction is at a 25 year high. There is quite a bit of negative press, mostly in the west, against nuclear power. In fact, for countries that are industrializing and going from developing status to developed it is one of the cheapest, safest, most efficient ways to generate electricity and provide power to a growing economy.

 This trend will continue and eventually the current oversupply in uranium will turn into a deficit and the price of uranium will go substantially higher.

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