Thursday, June 29, 2017

Foreign Investors are upbeat about Myanmar

The Strait Times:

Foreign investors remain upbeat about Myanmar's economy despite concerns over its pace of reform, said the head of a Singapore think tank, Associate Professor Simon Tay on Wednesday (June 28) at forum in Yangon.

According to a preliminary survey result of foreign businesses conducted by the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, some 67 per cent remain optimistic about its economic prospects, Prof Tay said at the Second Asean-Myanmar Forum here. At the same time, 84 per cent felt it was difficult to invest in Myanmar, partly due to the lack of clarity in its legal regime.

But business leaders who attended Wednesday's forum also urged the new government to speed up on developing concrete measures to execute the broad visions it has articulated so far.

I am long term bullish on Myanmar and hold a position in Yoma Strategic Holdings as a way to play this country and the long term growth that it will experience.

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