Friday, May 26, 2017

Renewable Energy is set for big growth world wide

US Funds:

Global markets have steadily been adding renewables such as wind and solar to their energy mix for several years now, but according to a handful of new reports, 2016 might have been the tipping point. Not only did the world add a record level of renewable energy capacity last year, but it did so at a significantly lower cost compared to 2015. In the U.S., wind and solar both had a knockout year, the latter of which ranked number one in terms of new capacity growth, ahead of fossil fuels. 


Demand is being driven not just by government-subsidized clean energy initiatives. Corporations are finding that renewables can, in many cases, be cheaper than non-renewables. Bloomberg reported last month that 190 Fortune 500 companies collectively managed to save as much as $3.7 trillion in 2016 through emission-reducing projects.


Consider China. The Asian giant is done messing around with smog and pollution, so its capacity additions going forward look very positive. India, meanwhile, is at the start of “the largest energy transformation project in the world,” as organizers of the recent Vienna Energy Forum put it. Now mostly powered by coal, India will soon be installing 50 percent more solar and wind capacity than the U.S. currently has.

I work in the utility sector and I have to admit ten years ago I thought renewables were a joke. However I got into renewable energy about five years ago and all I have seen is the cost come down and the industry continue to improve every year.

I have invested in Alterra Energy, a Canadian based renewable company, that is led by billionaire Ross Beaty. The company continues to add projects and increase cashflow. The company just initiated a dividend last year which I expect them to increase as they add projects.

I also like Galaxy Resources which is an up and coming lithium producer.

Renewables are no joke and they will continue to displace fossil fuels. It makes sense to ride the wave.

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