Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Retail Holdings N.V. announces 2016 annual earnings

Retail Holdings website:


Consolidated revenue from continuing operations was $489.1 million, an increase of 16.9%
from prior year, a new record for this group of companies. Revenue at the Company’s
operations in Bangladesh grew 29.4% from prior year as measured in U.S. Dollars. Revenue
in India increased 18.1% and revenue in Sri Lanka increased 12.8%. Revenue growth in local
currency was even stronger, increasing 30.3%, 23.7% and 21.1% in Bangladesh, India and Sri
Lanka, respectively.

Results from operating activities were a profit of $42.9 million, an increase of 26.0% from
prior year, largely reflecting the flow through of the growth in revenue and lower S&A
expenses relative to income.


The Company’s Board of Directors also confirmed an initial 2017 distribution of $2.00 per Share to
be paid in the spring of 2017 with the likelihood of paying a further distribution later in 2017,
bringing total distributions since the inception of the Company’s dividend/distribution program in
2007 to at least $17.75 per Share. The Board of Directors also announced that the Company would
continue to opportunistically repurchase shares as justified by market conditions.

Things are playing out just as expected with this company. This stock is undervalued by about $11 per share. This news is great and may lead to re-rating of the stock higher. Here is my original article on Retail Holdings if you are interested.

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