Sunday, March 19, 2017

Myanmar travel report

Seeking Alpha:

Isolated for a quarter century, Myanmar is a land of contrasts but nonetheless an Asian tiger economy in the making. Myanmar is developing at such a rapid rate that at times what you read in the news is already outdated by the time you set foot on the ground.


Creating an environment to attract export industries will be key over the coming years to help ensure a stable Kyat, the local currency, as well as to provide employment opportunities for the country's 53 million citizens as many move off the farm and into cities in search of better lives. It's clear that this push towards industrialization is already underway as garment exports during 2016 doubled, reaching USD 1.05bln versus USD 460mln in 2015.

Myanmar's story is a young and expectedly bumpy one, but the country will continue in the direction of openness, transparency, rapid growth, and industrialization, and we intend to be actively involved.

There are quite a few issues in Myanmar but these are in all respects opportunities also. The economy will basically grow at 7-8% per year for decades. This compounding growth will lead to the creation of large amounts of wealth. Understanding this makes it easy to invest for the long term.

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