Friday, February 17, 2017

Yoma Strategic Holdings reports 3Q2017 earnings


Revenue across the Group’s core businesses grew for the quarter

Gross Profit margins improved from 34.3% in 3Q2016 to 42.8% in 3Q2017

Impact of currency translation losses on Net profit for the quarter

Y-o-Y net profit reduced compared to 3Q2016 where the initial fair value gain of S$27.7 million was recorded for the telecommunications towers investment

Business performance is reaffirmed by New Holland tractor business winning a large tractor order and KFC hitting its 12 store target by March 2017

Steady as she goes. The economy in Myanmar is projected to average 7% annual growth over the next several years. Yoma casts its net wide so it will benefit as the Myanmar economy grows over time. 

The company has a predominant real estate bent as of now but over time the other sectors of the company should become a bigger contributor to sales and earnings. This one is a set and forget come back and check in ten years. The stock is up 35% since I added it to my portfolio. 

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