Sunday, February 12, 2017

Time to cull my portfolio of ideas that did not work

All my ideas cant possibly work out. I strive to come up with a good investing or speculating idea and let it run. Conversely if an idea does not work out as I thought then it should be culled out of the portfolio to make room for better ideas.

Gilead Sciences (GILD) My idea on this one was that Gilead would use its huge cashflow from its Hepatitis drug franchise in order to buy itself some more growth. However, the sales for its hepatitis drug appear to have peaked and the management has not made any moves. I let this one go a little more than I should have and ended up closing the position with a 39% loss.

Telenor (TELNY) I bought this Norwegian telecom company because of its presence in several emerging and frontier markets. I especially was attracted to its presence in Myanmar which was just opening up its telecom market. This is a big company and the growth in smaller markets like Myanmar and Bangladesh just wasn't big enough to move the needle. I am selling with a 22% loss.

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