Sunday, February 12, 2017

Joe Lowry article on Lithium "A Sneak Peak at the Future"

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Comments on Galaxy :

As improbable as this seemed in 2015, the powerful combination of insightful moves and good fortune have enabled both of these companies to transition from industry footnotes to formidable players. Galaxy’s well timed restart of Mt Cattlin and the rapidly growing market enabled the development of soon to be producing Sal de Vida without bringing in a deep pocketed partner.

Lithium market:

Most, including me, undershot 2020 demand as the “hockey stick” upswing started a couple years early. E-transport and ESS both grew more than the consensus estimates and extended the tight market to at least 2025.

Even with ten significant lithium suppliers online by the end of 2020, average global lithium carbonate prices will still be above $12/kg on January 1, 2021. Perhaps significantly higher.

Lithium market will remain tight as electric electric vehicle production increases. Galaxy appears to be one of the winners and will be increasing production in a market with a supply deficit.

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