Thursday, January 5, 2017

Mark Mobius visit to Vietnam

Templeton Funds:

In just a few decades, Vietnam has undergone a dramatic transformation, from an agrarian society to one that has embraced the modern era. Its youthful population and growing middle class have helped drive solid growth—and opportunities for many global investors. This up-and-coming market hasn’t fully embraced capitalism—it remains a Communist state—but it has managed to achieve an interesting balance. 


Vietnam has seen strong economic growth, with gross domestic product (GDP) growth averaging just shy of 7% from 2000–2015.1This economic boom has also boosted consumer buying power. In 1990, gross national income (GNI) per capita was US$910, but by 2015, it had risen to $5,690.2 During my recent trip to Vietnam, I found tremendous opportunities in the consumer sector as a result of this rise in income levels.

Mark Mobius is a famous investor in emerging and foreign markets. I always enjoy and learn alot from his articles as nothing substitutes for actual boots on the ground reports.

I remain a long term bull on Vietnam and am playing the country via the Vietnam Opportunity Fund which is selling at a discount to net asset value.

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