Thursday, December 1, 2016

Zinc at 9 year high



The bottleneck in mine supply is now impacting the smelting industry, which is expected to be forced to cut production because of the lack of raw material. This market imbalance has led to smelting fees for zinc hitting their lowest level in two years. Because of these supply woes, the price of zinc has spiked to its highest level since October of 2007, topping $1.30/lb. This makes zinc the best performer this year among the 22 raw materials in the Bloomberg Commodity Index.

While much of the current strength in the zinc market is attributable to shuttered production, over the longer term a new driver may appear in this market: new battery demand. Zinc-carbon batteries were the old dry-cell batteries which were widely used until the current generation of hi-tech, lithium-ion batteries displaced this older technology.

 Not many people paying attention to zinc but it is making new highs.This is right in Nevsun's wheel house and as they ramp production of zinc and iron out their operations we should be seeing higher cash flows. 

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