Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sprott Resource announces merger with Adriana Resources

Sprott Resources:

Sprott Resource and Adriana Resources Announce Proposed Business Combination and Concurrent $15 Million Private Placement.

The positive for us as shareholders are that Sprott Resource is now debt free, recapitalized, and is put into a position where it can make investments in companies that will benefit from the end of the bear market in commodities. 

We also will get access to deal flow that comes across Rick Rule's desk.This is invaluable as the guy is a billionaire and gets first crack at any good deal in Vancouver or Toronto. I want to be partners with him. 

Rick Rule and the other investors will make out as they get warrants and will benefit if the stock moves higher. Some people don't like that as they feel he is getting a better deal than current shareholders. However if he gets us involved in deals and they pan out, and he does have a history of success, than we should make out in the end. 

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