Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Portfolio sale: Orocobre

I am going to start cleaning up the portfolio and culling some of the under performers. Orocobre is one of the under performers in my eyes. I absolutely love the lithium space and I am going to defer to an expert like Joe Lowry who is known as Mr. Lithium. He has not been impressed with the performance of the actual Orocobre business.

Orocobre has been an under performer from the perspective of delivering higher grade material. At some point the true performers will emerge and the companies that cannot perform will see a lower stock price.

My pure play lithium producer is Galaxy Resources. However I have not added it to the portfolio as of yet. That should come soon.

We sold half the initial position back in April for a 105% gain. We sold the remainder of the position for a 92% gain.

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