Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bill Gates a big backer of nuclear energy


Back in 2012, Bill Gates noted that “When you have fission, you have a million times more energy than when you burn hydrocarbons. That's a nice advantage to have.”

Today, it’s getting increasingly clear that it’s more than “nice”. Nuclear power is unique among zero-carbon energy sources: its production is consistent as it doesn’t depend on sunlight or wind. This, coupled with affordability and safety – whatever environmental extremists say – makes nuclear energy an indispensable element of the global renewable energy mix for the future.

It also suggests uranium is more than likely to take the center stage it deserves as fossil fuels relinquish the spotlight.

Although my timing has been off in the uranium trade it is obvious as the world moves away fro burning coal that nuclear will be one of the growing sources of electrical power. Wind and solar are fine but in order to replace the billions of tonnes of coal being burned will require nuclear power.

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