Sunday, June 19, 2016

Western welfare states continue to dry up and blow away



The problem is though: the fact that socialism evidently doesn’t work, doesn’t mean people will want to give up on it – especially not if it works for them personally.  In this case this definitely applies to France’s union leaders, whose organizations represent almost a State-within-the-State.


He has in other words understood something many of his clients – the people who voted him into power – still fail to understand. Kill the goose laying the golden eggs, and you’ll soon run out of golden eggs. The protests, and the fight between Hollande’s government and the unions is all about the distribution of wealth. They have seemingly forgotten that it has to be produced as well. Once the golden goose is dead, one is simply fighting over scraps.


Actually, the battle between different strands of French socialism/ welfare statism over the remaining scraps of wealth is nothing new or special. We have seen similarly inspired protests and riots in Spain, in Greece and other places. On the one hand, it is great fun to see socialists fighting amongst each other, but unfortunately it is also a symptom of what is coming – and what is coming is not going to be fun at all.

Let us think about this a bit. To paraphrase the late Margaret Thatcher,  what we are in essence  witnessing in many European welfare states these days is what happens when socialists are running out of other people’s money.

To some degree the political elite that forms the leadership of Europe’s welfare states and the bureaucratic Leviathan in Brussels may realize that the whole enterprise has become unaffordable. The same is however not true of a vast portion of the electorate.

Regulations such as France’s code du travail are an attempt to suspend the laws of economics. One might as well issue a political decree suspending gravity, or prohibiting birdsong between 6:00 am and 7:00 am (the latter ordinance does in fact exist in some US town, we don’t recall which one. The birds have reportedly ignored it so far).

I am not big believer in my fellow man. In fact I subscribe to to Winston Churchill's quote "The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter." I do not believe in democracy as it is just mob rule dressed up in a sport coat. Voting is just as H.L. Mencken said, "Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods."

The fact that most people are ok with stealing from their neighbor via the ballot box does not give me confidence that things in the West are going to get better. In fact, I expect for most people they will get decidedly worse. 

Because the average person in the west has been trained to look to government for all answers, this will engender the hoi polloi to demand that someone in government better do something. This will mean all sorts of extreme left and right wing swings as the voters lurch back and forth between extremes as various sociopaths emerge with all the right answers. Expect more class and racial rhetoric which will inevitably lead to violent clashes which people in government will exploit to limit freedoms even more. 

The answer is to look to other places around the world where these things will not be happening. As I expect that the west is in terminal decline Asia is ascendant. That is where your money should be flowing. As a place to live I am setting myself up to move to eastern Europe. I like the homogeneity of the society and the fact that they are still relative socially conservative societies. As the west declines I think they will pull back from integration with western Europe and the failed ideology of western liberalism.  

If you decide to stay here in the US you will have to look forward to declining economic prospects, racial divisiveness and violence, less freedom and liberty, and a general shitty and deteriorating quality of life. Stay and try to change it you say? Life is to short and why bother. Because of unfettered immigration from turd world hellholes you as a productive person will be cast into the role of Afrikaners in glorious South Africa. Shut up, keep the lights on for the barbarians, and pay for the whole mess. No thanks I'm out. And no even if Trump gets elected he cant stop this from happening as the die was cast in 1965. 

It is not a big deal as all our ancestors emigrated from places where they had no or declining prospects to a fresh start in America. That America is dead and it will not be coming back. Why stick around and go down with the ship. If not for you than for your progeny. 

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