Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Incrementum Capital's 2016 "In Gold We Trust" report 2016


This is the 10th year that they have published this gold report. The report is around 150 pages but if you are a gold investor/speculator than it is a must read in my view. Here is a great quote from the report and it will give you a flavor of how the authors are orientated.

It is well-known that central economic planning doesn't work. Why should central planning of monetary policy be any different? The dilemma faced by central banks that have artificially boosted markets with low interest rates and are now striving to achieve a normalization of policy is illustrated by the following chart: Low interest rates have only created the illusion of a healthy economy, which would vanish into thin air as soon as interest rates return to a normal level. Markets have become conditioned to low interest rates; if they are withdrawn, asset prices will plunge – and plunging asset prices helped trigger the two last global recessions.

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