Thursday, March 31, 2016

Insider buying at Input Capital is a good sign

One of the things I look for in a company I am invested in or considering on investing in is insider buying/selling. The people running the company should have the most up to date information on how the business is doing. If they are willing buy shares on the open market this is another clue that I use to help me decide if the business is worth investing my money into.

Conversely if the the senior management is selling shares that is a pretty good clue that I need to take a look at the business and check my premises. It could be that selling by just one insider indicates he needed money to pay for his kids tuition or a new house. However if several insiders start selling shares there is a good chance something is probably wrong with the business.

The CEO of Input Capital has been buying shares in the market recently. This bodes well for Input Capital's prospects.

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