Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Input Capital (INP.V) reports third quarter earnings

You can read the whole report here but I think one excerpt from the press release sums up why I really like this company as a long term business.

"This most recent quarter is notable for very significant canola sales volume," said President and CEO Doug Emsley. "Last year, Input had only sold about 35% of that year's canola by December 31, and this year, thanks to warm weather and smooth logistics, that number is over 90%." "As a result, Input has recorded $25.1 million in adjusted operating cash flow for the year to date and ends the quarter with $40 million in cash.

 In this our third full year in operation, our cash flow in just the first three quarters is actually greater than the initial capital raised to start the company, demonstrating how quickly Input is to cash after signing new streaming agreements. This canola sales performance positions Input to grow using internally generated resources, and now that the New Year is passed, we are seeing increased activity in our deployment pipeline."

This report basically supports my view on Input Capital which I outlined here.    

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