Saturday, January 16, 2016

Orocobre production update


Production of 427 tonnes of lithium carbonate was achieved in December, an increase of 62 tonnes over November, with production rates of 20tpd being achieved towards the end of the month.


The “de-bottlenecking” process neared completion with the additional boiler, second centrifuge and pond flocculant dosing systems installed. These debottlenecking works are planned to be completed in January as previously advised. 

Production in January is forecast to be approximately 600 to 650 tonnes.

Great news here as they are near the break even point of 600 tonnes per month. I am fairly confident that management has the process moving in the right direction and will achieve consistent production gains from here. With lithium demand and pricing both spiking this is all happening at the right time. I expect the shares to move higher as the positive news flow continues. 

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