Friday, January 8, 2016

China and India to lead expansion of nuclear power



In 2015, the world's nuclear power generation capacity increased slightly, with 10 new reactors coming online and eight old ones being permanently shut down. As World Nuclear News states, 2015 saw 9,497 MWe get connected to the grid, up significantly from the 4,763 MWe added in 2014.

Looking ahead, 2016 is expected to be another good year for nuclear power, particularly in terms of commitments from China and India. Indeed, the former has already committed to adding as many as eight new reactors to its fleet each year over the next four years --- that means 40 new nuclear reactors will be built in China between 2015 and 2020.

Meanwhile, India currently has nuclear power capacity of 5.7 GW, and is set to increase that to 10 GW over the next four years. The country is currently in the final stages of negotiations with Westinghouse for six AP1000 nuclear power reactors for Gujarat.

A net of two reactors were added to the world wide nuclear fleet in 2015. That number is going to increase at developing countries begin to accelerate their nuclear plans. Uranium is still a great long term speculation in my view as the cost to produce with a decent return is much higher than the current price. 

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