Saturday, October 3, 2015

Telenor going directly to digital in Myanamr


Mobile towers multiplying across Myanmar are tactile reminders that a major technological leap is happening. Telenor alone has 3,100 towers nationwide – 100 percent of these equipped with 3G capabilities – and is expected to roll out another 3-4,000 towers by year’s end.

Myanmar’s economy is also entering a period in which its industries are maturing – take telecommunications. The operating environment has turned on a dime, providers are now able to deliver data more efficiently and prices of handsets are now lower than they have ever been – and still falling.

The change is seen in the customers as well. Of Telenor’s over 10 million (and counting) subscribers, 55 percent have passed on entry-level voice and text. They have skipped ahead to becoming data users.

“No one at Telenor Myanmar had expected it to get this high so quickly,” said Neelesh Pratap Singh, Head of IT, Telenor Myanmar.

Telenor is in my investment portfolio specifically because of this type of news. They are in quite a few emerging markets and it is fascinating to see how fast technology is getting accepted by this formerly backward country. Of course more data use means more revenue so this is good for Telenor shareholders. 

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