Friday, October 23, 2015

How to cure popping and sqeaking hardwood floors

My wife and I recently remodeled several rooms in our house. In two of the rooms we put in engineered hardwood floors. I was nervous about the whole process as we live in a humid area and I was afraid of expansion due to moisture causing problems with the floor. I did not have time to install the floors myself as I work and I was on a deadline to finish the remodel. The install went well, or so I thought, but after a couple of months it became clear that there was a problem. We would encounter a popping sound on some of the areas of the floor. You would step and when you stepped off with your weight you would hear a distinctive popping sound. My wife was not happy and neither was I. I began investigating and got a rubber mallet and tapped around the edges of where I heard the popping and low and behold I heard a hollow sound as if there was a void under the floor. At first I thought maybe the product had delaminated and that was causing the noise. However it became apparent that the sub floor was uneven and the installers had not checked to make sure the floor was level before putting down the floor. I got them back out to my house and they just shrugged their shoulders and said it was fine when they put it in.

Anyway, I was lamenting the disposition of the floor and thinking that in the worst case I would have to pull up sections or the whole floor to repair it. I searched on the net and found this product DriTac Professional Wood Floor Adhesive.

You can buy the kit that has all the stuff in it to do the job or accumulate the stuff yourself (syringe, 3/8" drill bit, Punch and slightly larger than 3/8 wooden dowels). Basically what you do is tap around the area with a rubber mallet and identify the hollow areas. Drill a 3/8" hole on each side of the void. Inject the adhesive in one hole with a syringe until it comes out the other hole. Pre-cut some appropriate size dowels and insert into holes and tap them in with a hammer, cut off the dowels flush with a razor and use some wood putty to camouflage your work. The adhesive fills the voids between the floor and the sub-floor or foundation. No need to put any weights on the repair just wait 24 hours and you can walk on it. It cured all of my popping issues and everyone is happy. I highly recommend.

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