Sunday, August 24, 2014

Idiots guide to not getting shot by the police

I was trying to stay away from the political on this blog since I started posting again but I think this whole episode speaks to my overall thesis of a country in decline. We are in a global economy and we are competing with all the other nations on the earth. If we are in a situation where we have segments of our population that think they are being set up for "genocide" or are so irrational as to think that there eleven year old is in danger of being shot by a white cop then we will have serious issues going forward. This particular woman is obliviously part of the talented tenth and I am sure does not live in a ghetto or area infested with crime, drugs, and thuggery yet she is hysterical and chooses to see the facts through the prism of race. Of course endorsing that narrative gets you on tv and invited to all the right parties so the facts be damned I guess.

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