Friday, May 16, 2014

Am I a better investor than Warren Buffett?

I do not know how many readers are familiar with the Marketocracy website. Basically it was created by some folks that had the idea that there were many regular people that were great investors. The website was designed to provide a platform to identify and highlight these people. It does this by allowing a person to set up a mock portfolio and run it under the same rules that most mutual fund managers are forced to operate. I have played with it off and on for the last five years or so. Here is the Wikipedia description:

Marketocracy Data Services is a research company whose mission is to find the best investors in the world and then track, analyze, and evaluate their trading activity. Virtual fund performance is tracked in real-time and follow all SEC rules mutual fund managers must adhere to. The best performing virtual funds based on long term performance are used as the basis for the Marketocracy Masters 100 fund (ticker symbol: MOFQX) Marketocracy has signed research contracts with about 500 users. These users make up the talent pool from which the m100 team is comprised.

I have always done fairly well as a speculator, although the last few years have been dreadful as the resource markets, in which I specialize, have suffered. I have of course been writing about my various speculative trades on this blog and my Seeking Alpha Instablog. Recently I have been broadening my research into larger and more mainstream stocks and wanted a way to track my thinking and to see how well I can do against the best in the world. I have set up a model portfolio on Marketocracy and will use it as a way to highlight and showcase my investment ideas. I will also write up the reasons behind why I am adding or subtracting from the the portfolio. It will also allow me an opportunity to write about the evolution of my investment style and discuss the mistakes I have made and how I corrected them to hone my craft. Readers will be able to see the results of my portfolio so I can back up my claims when I am successful. Conversely I will not be able to hide from my mistakes. Here is a link to my portfolio page.

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