Saturday, March 10, 2012

Airport body scanner defeated by engineer

So much for the TSA kabuki theater:

This video is here to demonstrate that the TSA’s insistence that the nude body scanner program is effective and necessary is nothing but a fraud, just like their claims that the program is safe (radiation what?) and non-invasive (nude pictures who?). The scanners are now effectively worthless, as anyone can beat them with virtually no effort. The TSA has been provided this video in advance of it being made public to give them an opportunity to turn off the scanners and revert to the metal detectors. I personally believe they now have no choice but to turn them off.

The punch line is that protecting the American public was never the intention from the beginning. Michael Chertoff, who was the Homeland Security apparatchik under Bush 2, is the head of a lobbying group that represents manufacturers of body scanner machines. I have no doubt that his prime motivation is the publics safety and not parlaying his former position in the government collecting his lobbyist fees pimping these machines.

Not only do the machines not work but they may cause cancer. The European Union, which is no bastion of freedom, has banned the machines because they are unsure of their safety.

Citing health concerns, the European Union banned from European airports this week the same kind of X-ray scanners used by TSA in airports across the US. Here's the EU's wording:

In order not to risk jeopardising citizens' health and safety, only security scanners which do not use X-ray technology are added to the list of authorised methods for passenger screening at EU airports.

I am quite sure that government has everyones safety as their prime motivation. If an obscure engineer has figured out how to beat the scanners than I am sure so have the bad guys. So why are we still using these machines.

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