Saturday, December 3, 2011

The culmination of fifty years of liberalism

Listen to what this "fellow American" says in the video"someone is going to pay, someone needs to be held accountable." You can have all the elections you want but this type of irresponsible behavior is not going to change unless we stand up as a society and say no we will not pay for your fifteen kids or if we do you are going on Norplant. The state and liberals have removed shame and social opprobrium from society and in fact made single motherhood into some type of heroic act. The state subsidizes this behavior by giving these people money. We are in a situation of reverse survival of the fittest. The stupidest, most ignorant, shiftless, and least productive are subsidized and the smartest, most productive are demonized and called selfish or racist because we do not want to pay for this hot mess. Tell me again how we are going to out compete the Chinese and Indians with these boat anchors tied to our ankles. As aways God help us.

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