Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is Obama a one term President

American Thinker:


Barack Obama will therefore not be reelected for the simple reason that, despite all the false hype and marketing, media sycophancy, corporate cronyism, community organizing, special interest-pandering, and union thuggery, and that solely by virtue of his dismal performance in office and the disaster he has wrought upon our people and our progeny, a majority of Americans have come to learn over these past three years that Barack Obama simply isn't a trustworthy man of truth and integrity. Rather, he's an impotent, naïve leader and an intransigent ideologue; and despite his Ivy League education, he isn't brilliant or even well-informed, and possesses no special wisdom, expertise, common sense, or talents beyond that of a local TV news anchorman empathetically reading a teleprompter with charm and aplomb. He can't perform messianic miracles; he was not the hope and change he claimed the world was waiting for; nor can he fundamentally transform our country into his own personal Kingdom of Heaven on Earth with social and economic justice for all, forever and ever, Amen. And any remaining delusion to the contrary, like him, is one hell of a joke.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Unfortunately we still have to suffer through 14 months of this buffoon.

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