Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cops mow down another Iraq war veteran

Pro Libertate:

"Mom, was my dad a bad guy?" four-year-old Joel Guerena plaintively asked his mother Vanessa after her husband, 26-year-old Jose, was killed in a withering barrage of gunfire during a SWAT invasion of their home. "They killed my dad! Police killed my dad! Why? What did my dad do?"

To the extent the question posed by that traumatized child dealt with a moral justification for the killing, a good and sufficient answer would be: "Nothing." Jose Guerena was killed because he had the temerity to defend his family from a criminal assault carried out by armed strangers.
No little Joel your dad was not a criminal, he was a shift worker at the local Asarco copper mine that was awoken by his wife who thought some armed intruders were performing a home invasion. That they turned out to be the local cops on another of these stupid no knock searches in pursuit of the so called war on drugs. This is why your daddy is dead. When are people going to finally get sick of this behavior by the so called police? Is this really a free country anymore? Why are these police forces running around like wanna be soldiers shooting up peoples houses for no reason? We will never know the real story because the police lie to cover up these "oh shits".

However one enterprising guy caught one of these stupid tax feeders on tape during a run in. Evidently the guy was open carrying a gun, which he has a license to do, and the tax feeder drew down on him. Later in the tape the stupid cop demonstrates that he doesn't even know the laws he is supposed to be enforcing. I like when the cop says, "I will f*cking kill you", is this guy still running around "enforcing the law"?

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