Saturday, February 19, 2011

Public sector unions and cognitive dissonance

I have been watching the goings on in Wisconsin. Here we have another example of a group of people that have not gotten the memo on what is happening in this country. These people do not want any cut in pay or benefits. However the taxpayers, who pay these people, have had it and elected people to deal with this issue. In response the public sector unions are putting on this ridiculous display. The disconnect comes from the fact that the taxpayers, many of which do not have any healthcare or pension benefits at all, become infuriated watching some slug whine on the news that they might have to contribute a small percentage to their own healthcare and retirement. It is beyond ridiculous. Couple this cognitive dissonance on the part of the public sector union members with various socialists and communists showing up on the scene and these people begin to look greedy, self centered, and foolish. The money has run out and the devolution of Amerika continues.

Why do these Socialists always look frumpy, dumpy, and unwashed? Of course she is a public sector worker. Conveniently left out of the discussion by these stupid people is any discussion of the tens of millions of people who were murdered by their own governments in the last century in a futile pursuit of socialist utopias. These people deserve nothing but contempt and ridicule.


Anthony Mondia said...

The cavuto posting of yours is a poor choice. Poorly structured debate/forum, the participants kept cutting each other off, going off topic and had no credible input or insights into the matter (except woman at times, but her numbers were off). To top it all off, one of them resorted to flat out attack with name calling. Thugs, thuggery, tea party didn't do this or you can't say they'd do that... no maturity in this debate at all if you can even call it that. Unions are doing what anyone would do in their case and corporations do all the time: fight to maintain or grow their piece of the pie.

The issue is whether we ought to allow unions to monopolize labour for a company, that is, enforce by law the right of the union to force membership. This issue regularly becomes inundated with debates on fairness rather than justice, and laws are supposed to uphold the latter.

The hilarious part is that most of these public workers, like many others in the private sector, are so burdened with debt that they can't handle loosing their job or taking a pay cut, essentially making them completely dependent and wage slaves in a way. We live in a society of dependents - so much for individualism.

John Polomny said...

You have made the point exactly of why this actually a good video to show. Unfornately this is the level of debate on these subjects in this supposed "exceptional" country. As I have said in the past these problems are now so large they cannot be fixed. certainily not in the current political environment. It is time to abandon the pumps and get in a lifeboat. This ship is sinking and when it goes down it will pull under anyone who is on board or near it.

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