Monday, February 21, 2011

Loose lips sink ships

In these tumultous times it must be said again that if you are hoarding gold, silver, food, firearms, etc..keep your damn mouth shut. People will steal from you. Here is an example of a guy up in Canada that had $750,000 in silver stolen during a home invasion. The guy is lucky he did not get whacked in the process. If you read the comments it becomes apparent that the whole town knew this guy had a stash of silver because he was bragging to everyone in the town.

A Chilliwack man says he is traumatized after he was punched, stabbed and tied up by home-invading thieves who made off with his life savings in silver bars.

The two thugs, wearing what he described as fake police uniforms, unloaded a vault and spirited away with $750,000 in silver the man had bought as an investment last year.

The 52-year-old victim, still shaking after the robbery at his Imperial Street home on Feb. 9, now wonders who among his friends or acquaintances is behind the brazen midday theft.

“Obviously some friend, or friend of a friend, or friend of a family member was told and they leaked it to the wrong people,” he said.


1 comment:

Mayberry said...

What an idiot. Especially being from occupied Kanada, where the people are barred from defending themselves. He was stabbed. Anyone coming to my home with a knife (or anything else) will be met by Mr. Mossberg, loaded with 3 inch 00 magnums. Intruder, thy name is hamburger...

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