Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Public sector deleveraging gaining speed

This is a good thing in my view:

Some firefighters turned in their helmets and police officers their badges Tuesday as part of deep municipal layoffs destined to further erode the quality of life in Camden, already one of the nation’s most impoverished and crime-ridden cities.

About 335 workers, representing one-sixth of the local government work force, lost their jobs, according to Mayor Dana Redd

The unions representing these people are not living in reality. They would not make concessions so that members could keep their jobs. The paradigm has shifted and there simply is not enough money to support the outrageous salary and benefit packages for government services and government workers. There will be no bailouts or any more grants, WE ARE BROKE. As government services decline this will be just another symptom of the declining standard of living for most people in the western welfare states.

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dirtbag said...

Interesting that the union boss won't take a pay cut, lose his job or miss a meal. However these union workers still paid their dues to the organization. Unions are socialist, no pity for the man that can get and keep a job on his on merit.

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