Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ben Bernanke and Charles Grassley are dirtbags

When people cannot afford food they get pissed off and riot. But why are food prices rising. Yes there are weather issues but these are temporary and transitory. What is really supercharging prices is Ben Bernanke's QE money printing schemes and dirtbag politicians like Senator Charles Grassley, senior senator from Iowa, who is the biggest pimp on capital hill for ethanol which artificially raises grain prices. Hundreds dying in riots and people struggling to pay for food and these two scumbags are dining on steak and lobster and making stupid comments like Grassley on ethanol "Ethanol is good, good ,good". Well it sure is good for him and his prospects for reelection as he collects money from Archer Daniels Midland, Iowa Corn Growers, and other special interest groups that benefit from corn based ethanol subsidies that he shills for. I suspect they will have special places in hell reserved for scumbags like this pimp. You want civility in politics? Try this one on, F**k You Senator Charles Grassley.
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